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Why publish guest posts on your blog for free when you can earn cash doing it?

Select an article from our pool, publish it, get paid.


Access Gazillion Fresh Articles

We produce 1000s of high quality articles in the business niche each month. Every article is well researched, non-promotional, and written by an experienced copywriter. It's also exclusive and not published anywhere else. You get access to them all.

Get Paid to Post

Each article comes with a guaranteed price that will be paid to you if you decide to publish it. You can quickly filter the list for the best paying articles, pick the one that suits your blog best, and post it. Once the article goes live, you'll get paid within 24 hours.

We do the SEO for You

All produced content is carefully optimized to meet the latest SEO practices. Plus, each guest post you publish can be opted to get backlinked in some of our future articles (in a super relevant context).

Over time, this will build natural and diverse link profile for your blog. As a result, your SEO score, DA, and organic traffic will all jump up. In other words, not only your readership will get instant value from the content you post but your blog will benefit in the long run as well.

Stay Always in Charge

Get notified by email every time a new article is available

Preview all available articles & pick the one that suits you best

Edit the article to comply with your guest blogging guidelines

Publish as many articles as you please

Guaranteed Privacy

Your blog and contact information will never be publicly disclosed anywhere on our site nor shared with third parties. Never ever! This is our promise and we take it very seriously!

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Who is this for?

If you own a blog in the business niche and accept guest posts, Cash My Blog could be a nice fit for you.

How does it work?

Every time a new guest article pops up on our platform, you receive a notification email. The email contains a link to the article in Google Docs and the price that will be paid if you decide to publish it. If the article catches your eye (you have full preview of its content), you can instantly book it and start preparing it for publishing. Once you put the article live, you submit the URL back to our platform and that's all. You'll get paid within 24 hours.

Are there any requirements to access the platform?

Yes. With the aim to create solid and valuable ecosystem of blogs, we raise a high-standard set of requirements in order to get approved in our platform. Your blog must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be in the business niche and cover topics in SMB, entrepreneurship, startups, business management & strategy, marketing, finance, productivity, or similar
  • Produce new and useful content on a regular basis (minimum one post per week)
  • DA > 30
  • Monthly traffic > 5000 unique visitors
  • Shouldn't be part of a PBN
  • No penalties in the past

Can I remove links from an article if I think they are inappropriate or irrelevant?

Yes, except for the links marked as mandatory. Prior to publishing, you'll be given detailed instructions about any mandatory links as well as the way they should be included in the post. In case they violate some of your guest blogging guidelines, you are free to reject the post.

Can I edit an article?

Yes, you can edit the article to comply with your guest blogging guidelines.

What happens if another blog is interested for the same article?

Our platform works on the first come first served principle. That means, if you decide to accept an article for publishing, you should book it immediately. This will take the article off the pool and grant you a 24-hour window for publishing. If you don't publish it within 24 hours, the article will be released back in the pool of available articles.

How many articles can I publish?

As many as you like. However, you may not book more than 3 articles at a time.

How much does it cost?

Forever free for the first 50 blogs registered during our public beta (by November 30, 2018). Else, $240/month.